Tasty food that does not lead to weight gain

Tasty food that does not lead to weight gain

Dieters often suggest that eat until you are satisfied and you are full. Most of the times, gym freaks don’t pay any heed to their master’s words. To stay fit people have stopped craving for their favorite meals so that they can cut out on calories.

Savoring one’s tooth is also mandatory but with the right set of tasty meals. Let’s take a look at the list of delicious food that does not lead to weight gain when consumed within limits.

Smashed Potatoes

Most people avoid consuming smashed potatoes when they are trying to lose weight due to the high carb content in the potatoes. The human body requires starch to various kind of salts in the right proportion.Moreover, vegetables are full of vitamins and cornstarch and a special type of carbohydrate which is needed for the body.

As one piece of smashed potatoes helps you feel full, therefore it must be consumed so that the intake of other forms of calories must be avoided. It is one of the best tasting food that does not lead to weight gain when consumed in the right manner.


In the recent past eggs has been criticized but it is a healthy food which must be consumed every day while having breakfast. It is filled with all kinds of essential nutrients, including nine types of amino acids.

Apart from that, as it is very filling; therefore, it prevents you from consuming any other junk food during the day. In a recent study, it has been seen that people who consumed eggs in their breakfast hardly consumed any other form of calories in their entire day.


Oatmeal is extremely healthy and nutritious and is usually preferred by most people in their breakfast. It is filling and is served hot with milk. Nowadays, this meal also comes in a wide variety of flavors. The level of satiation is quite high after having this meal because the fibers are present in it in a much higher quantity.

It is ready to eat breakfast, and it has been seen that people consuming oatmeal in the morning hardly crave for a food filled with calories during the day. This is yet another tasty food that does not lead to weight gain.

Apart from all the foods as mentioned above, there are many others which can be consumed to stay fit and healthy. This includes fish, fruits, vegetables, popcorn, and many others. Click here to know more.

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